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ADR programs produce tangible benefits in terms of cost and outcome savings. Equally important are the more intangible factors, such as better communication, problem solving, less disruption, and preserved relationships.

Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation is an international award-winning newsletter covering cutting-edge alternative dispute resolution (ADR) developments, best practices, and trends in business. Alternatives provides authoritative guidance for using ADR at companies, firms, and the courts. Articles focus exclusively on business and public disputes and examine all the traditional and nontraditional ADR strategies businesses use, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and others.

Coverage in Business Practice areas

•  Antitrust
•  Commercial Contracts
•  E-Commerce
•  Employment
•  Environmental
•  Government Uses
•  Intellectual Property
•  Product Liability
•  Taxation
•  Toxic Torts
•  Trademarks
•  and more
ADR Procedures and Practices

•  ADR Contract Clauses
•  ADR Suitability Screen
•  Arbitration 
• Confidentiality in ADR
•  Cost Savings
•  Court ADR Programs
•  Meditation
•  Minitrial
•  Multiparty ADR
•  Negotiation
•  and more
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Published 11 times a year, Alternatives is the official publication of the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution. It keeps readers up to date with the constantly evolving laws, regulations, and court decisions that shape the ADR landscape. Unlike other legal newsletters, Alternatives features articles by practitioners who work on the cutting edges of ADR and who in turn offer cutting-edge advice on topics such as successful mediation techniques, advances in arbitration, drafting ADR clauses, and more.


CPR is the only independent nonprofit organization whose mission is to help global business and their lawyers resolve complex commercial disputes more cost effectively and efficiently. For more than 30 years, the legal community has trusted CPR to deliver superior arbitrators and mediators and innovative solutions to business conflict.

CPR was founded in 1979 as the Center for Public Resources from a coalition of leading General Counsel dedicated to identifying and applying appropriate alternative solutions to disputes thereby mitigating the extraordinary costs of lengthy court trials. That determination is still at the heart of CPR’s activities today.

CPR is a pioneer and leader in the area of dispute resolution.  It is the first organization to bring together corporate counsel and their law firms to find ways of mitigating the extraordinary costs and delays of litigation, while achieving more satisfying and lasting results through appropriate alternatives, like negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.  

CPR believes that the culture and practice of the way in which businesses settle disputes, nationally and internationally, needs vast revision in order to untie the bonds of lengthy and excruciatingly expensive litigation.  

CPR believes that every effort to promote the appropriate use of mediation, arbitration, and other strategies must continue to be explored and used. 

International Institute for
Conflict Prevention & Resolution
30 East 33rd Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016
(Tel) 646-753-8228


Alternatives will help you keep pace with the constantly evolving laws, regulations, and court decisions that shape the ADR landscape. But it does much more. Unlike strictly legal newsletters, if also brings together practitioners on the cutting edge of ADR to offer practical "from-the-front" advice on a host of topics: successful mediation techniques, advances in arbitration; how to draft ADR clauses: insights on using ADR with the government; and much more.

Alternatives brings together top experts guided by a distinquished editorial board to keep you up to date on the latest legal developments and best practices in ADR. It is must reading for everyone involved in resolving business disputes, including lawyers, in-house counsel, judges, neutrals, agency officials, and professors of law.

Alternatives publishes 11 times a year and is available in print and PDF email delivery.
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